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KosherSwitch Technologies, Inc. (“KSTI”), headquartered in New York, owns the exclusive worldwide rights to patented & trademarked KosherSwitch® technology, which facilitates the on-demand control of electricity on the Sabbath and holidays, in a manner that is permitted by Halacha (Jewish code of law), while forcibly preventing “chilul Shabbos” (the desecration of the Sabbath).  The technology was invented by Andy Menashe Kalati, an Orthodox Jewish techie residing in New York.


KosherSwitch® is more than a switch: It’s technology that’s viable in many different applications.  Although our flagship is the KosherSwitch® Classic other products — those approved through extensive rabbinical consultations and that are consistent with our mission — are planned for development or licensing in the future.  Some examples include integration into HVAC/thermostatic controls, door access control systems, and sanitary solutions (allowing use of sensor-based automated toilets, sinks, and soap dispensers).



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Is KosherSwitch now available for purchase? Can I now buy a KosherSwitch? Have you launched?

Yes we’ve launched!  KosherSwitch® is now available online (BUY NOW) and at select retailers, resellers, and installers!


Can I buy shares in your company? What’s your ticker symbol?

Our company is privately-held, so our shares are not offered for sale at any of the public stock exchanges.  Please visit our investor qualification section for further details.

Why should I care about deploying KosherSwitch® at my facility, when the majority of my clients/patients are not Jewish?

For the same reason that large corporations — including every major appliance manufacturer and Coca-Cola – cater to that segment of your market population.  Making a small investment makes your institution more attractive to this segment, and that’s good for business!  Read more here.


Why do you use the terms Shabbat, Shabbos, Sabbath?

These terms for the Jewish Sabbath are in fact interchangeable, so we use them interchangeably throughout our literature and documentation.  Use of any one of the terms is not meant to suggest a certain level of religious observance.

We are a charitable organization. Would you donate your products for our fundraiser, Chinese auction, raffle, etc.?

Yes, we do provide our products free of charge in certain cases.  Please see our free products page for details.

Are you the same company that makes the ShabboSwitch/Shabbos Switch – the plastic cover for the door sensor on a fridge? Can you please sign me up for the free reminder call every Erev Shabbos?

No, we are not affiliated with that company.  KosherSwitch® is also referred to by various other names, including “Shabbos Switch”, so we own several dozen related domains which point to this website, and among them is www.shabbosswitch.com.

Are you the same company that makes the KosherLamp™ (Kosher Lamp)?

No, we are not affiliated with that company.  You may learn more about that company by visiting www.kosherimage.com.

We are manufacturers/product developers. Is there a way to integrate your technology into our product mix?

Certainly, depending on the types of solutions you require.  Please visit our licensing section and contact us so that we can evaluate a feasible arrangement.

Your website isn’t working correctly

The culprit for problems with our website is usually an outdated or unsupported web browser.  Upgrading to the latest browser will likely solve the problem. Much of our content, including our endorsements and responsa literature is in Adobe Acrobat format, which you’ll also need if your browser doesn’t support it natively.  If you’re experiencing difficulties with an updated browser, please contact us with the details.

Is KosherSwitch® considered to be the KosherLamp™ (Kosher Lamp) killer?

No, we believe that they complement each other.  While KosherSwitch® is superior to the KosherLamp™ because of its many benefits, the KosherLamp™ has certain advantages in the specific area that it’s marketed: a reading light.  Its variable shade offers “dimming” capabilities that we don’t plan to include in the KosherSwitch® Classic.  Additionally, since it’s always on, there’s no delay when turning the lights on or off.  We think that the KosherLamp™ is a great product within its limited context, and believe that our products will co-exist with it.



Available Now!

KosherSwitch® Classic Wall Switch
KosherSwitch® Classic Wall Switch

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Rabbis & Poskim

HaGaon R Pinchas Zabihi Analyzing the KosherSwitch
HaGaon R Pinchas Zabihi Analyzing the KosherSwitch
HaGaon Rabbi Yehoshua Neuwirth (Shemiras Shabbos Kehilchasa) Analyzing the KosherSwitch prototype
HaGaon Rabbi Yehoshua Neuwirth (Shemiras Shabbos Kehilchasa) Analyzing the KosherSwitch prototype
Rabbi Yosef Mizrachi Analyzing the KosherSwitch
Rabbi Yosef Mizrachi Analyzing the KosherSwitch
Rabbi Aryeh Sokoloff Analyzing the KosherSwitch
Rabbi Aryeh Sokoloff Analyzing the KosherSwitch

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