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Our Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign was a great success because of YOU: our amazing backers and supporters. B”H, thanks to you, we reached our $50,000 goal in under four days, and the KosherSwitch® launch video had been viewed more than 150,000 times in one month. Thank you for your strength and support. Thank you for your contributions. Thank you for helping make KosherSwitch® a reality!


The following alphabetical list represents backers who chose an Indiegogo perk featuring the “your name will also be permanently listed in an exclusive backers page on our website” option. For anonymous backers, the entry is limited to the first/last name initials only.





A.S. (Anonymous), Illinois
A.S. (Anonymous), New York
A. Teitelbaum, New York
A.T. (Anonymous), New York
A.A. (Anonymous), New York
A.B. (Anonymous), New York
A.B. (Anonymous)
A. Chomali, New York
A.L. (Anonymous), New York
A. Weinberg
A. Tata, New York
A.W. (Anonymous), New York
A. Liviem, New York
A. Sabzevari, New York
A.F. (Anonymous), Ohio
A. Rosenstock, New York
A. Shultz, New Jersey
A. Kalati, New Jersey
A. Libkind, New York
A.P. (Anonymous), New York
A. Bulow, Colorado
A. Caplan, Colorado
A. Dantus, New Jersey
A. Mayer, Nevada
A.K. (Anonymous), New York
A.W. (Anonymous), Florida
A. Taub, New York
A.R. (Anonymous), Massachusetts
A. Musayev, New York
A. Danekyants, Pennsylvania
A. Oudmayer, North Carolina
A. Ruzin, New York
A. Kluger, Texas
A. Enayatian, New York
A.D. (Anonymous), New York
A. Heizler
A. Levian, New York
B.L. (Anonymous), New Jersey
B. Stein, New York
B.S. (Anonymous), New York
B. Dayanim, Maryland
B.K. (Anonymous), Illinois
B. Schwartz, New York
B. Davis, California
B. Siegal, California
B. Kohanian, New York
B. Sand, New York
C. Lader, Ohio
C.B. (Anonymous), New Jersey
C. Valoris, District of Columbia
C. Levy, New York
C. Goldberger, New York
C. Kahn/Intellicomp, Maryland
C. Shainhouse, Ontario
C. Meyer, Washington
C. Kuttner, Oregon
C. Lenga, Texas
C. Rose, New York
C. Shaer, New York
C. Wertman, New York
C. Kornreich, California
D.P. (Anonymous), New York
D. Stanger, Massachusetts
D. Sicherman, Maryland
D. Davis, New Jersey
D. Eskinazi, New York
D. Jumiga, New York
D. Khodadadian, New York
D. Kohanchi, Illinois
D. Renna, District of Columbia
D. Teitelbaum, New York
D. Cartisser, New Jersey
D. Lavian, New York
D. Mizrahi, New York
D. Vaillancourt, Washington
D.A. (Anonymous), New York
D. Benhaim, New York
D. Lisitza, Maryland
D. Diamond, Ontario
D.D. (Anonymous), California
D. Ettedgui, Quebec
D. Faigenblum, California
D. Kamali, New York
D.L. (Anonymous), New York
D.M. (Anonymous), New Jersey
D. Sianes, New York
D.C. (Anonymous)
D.K. (Anonymous), Pennsylvania
D. Arussy, New Jersey
D. Lindenbaum, New York
D. Fineberg, New Jersey
D.P. (Anonymous), Kansas
D.P. (Anonymous), Maryland
D. Brody, Texas
D. Namdar, New York
D. Bassaly, New York
D. Rosen, Illinois
E. Kelaty, New York
E. Prince, New Jersey
E. Burns_Md, New York
E. Zelmanovitz, New York
E. Livian, New York
E. Palvanov, Ontario
E. Namdar, New York
E.G. (Anonymous), New Jersey
E. Reifer, Illinois
E. Maroof, New York
E. Mosseri, New York
E. Hassan, New Jersey
E. Fattakhov, New York
E. Fenner, New Jersey
E. Sofiev, New York
E. Ben-David, New York
E.H. (Anonymous), California
E. Zohar
E. Hakimian, New York
E. Rappoport, New York
E. Paull, Maryland
G. Neuman, New York
G. Bauman, Maryland
G. Krasna, Florida
G. Klein, New York
G. Weiser, New York
G. Levy, New York
G. Massel-Castater, North Carolina
G. Shimon, New York
G. Levitan, Maryland
G. Bitterman, New York
G.R. (Anonymous), New Jersey
H. Tebeka, California
H. Bryk, New York
H. Friedman, Maryland
H.W. (Anonymous), Illinois
H. Zimmerman, New York
I.J. (Anonymous), District of Columbia
I. Yagolnitser, California
I. Joseph, Ontario
I. Mathias, New York
I.S. (Anonymous), New York
I. Levy, New York
I. Gold
I. Kroll, Maryland
I.Z. (Anonymous), North Carolina
I. Ezon, New Jersey
I. Leifer, New York
I. Seinuk, New York
I. Israel, New York
I. Teitelbaum, Maryland
I. Thaler, New Jersey
J. Krainik, Georgia
J. Leeb, Maryland
J. Weinberg, Ontario
J. Hakimi, New York
J. Katz, New York
J.K. (Anonymous), New York
J. Moheban, New York
J. Zaboulani, New York
J. Rosenzweig, New York
J. Dollinger, New Jersey
J. Hod, New Jersey
J. Palmer, New York
J. Lisker, New York
J. Moskowitz, New York
J. Shayevitz_Md, New York
J.R. (Anonymous), Maryland
J. Schechter, New York
J. Romi-Babany, Ontario
J. Freiden, Tennessee
J. Goldman, New York
J. Azure, California
J. Cohen, Pennsylvania
J. Schiowitz, New York
J.Y. (Anonymous), New York
J. Litwin, New York
J.O. (Anonymous), California
J.K. (Anonymous), Massachusetts
J. Kleiner, New York
J.H. (Anonymous), New York
J. Goldman, Maryland
J. Axelrod, Ontario
J.E. (Anonymous), Illinois
J. Kipper, Ontario
J. Livi, New York
J. Karmily, New York
J. Leventhal, Ohio
J. Cherem
J. Gomez, Michigan
J. Azar, New Jersey
J. Khalil, Virginia
J. Dilmani, New York
J. Fried, New Jersey
J. Kahan, California
J. Kashimallak, New York
J. Farazman, New York
J. Levine, New York
J. Russak, Washington
J. Jacobs, New York
J. Engelmayer, New Jersey
J.E. (Anonymous), New York
J.W. (Anonymous), New York
J. Gilbert-Benavram, New York
K.L. (Anonymous), New York
K.S. (Anonymous), New York
K.A. (Anonymous), California
K. Liviem, New York
L. Goulson, California
L.B. (Anonymous), New Jersey
L. Rubin, Maryland
L. Weissman, California
L. Richman, Pennsylvania
L. Lipp, Florida
L. Ziffer, Maryland
L.P. (Anonymous), New York
L. Weinblatt, New Jersey
L.M. (Anonymous), New York
L. Mirkin, Massachusetts
L. Barkodar, California
L. Hanono
L.R. (Anonymous), California
L. Presby, New Jersey
L. Sigall, New York
L. Lowenstein, Maryland
L. Kashi, New York
L. Rosen, Florida
L. Mincis, North Carolina
M. Fine-J, New York
M. Taubman, California
M. Wikler, Florida
M. Shoulson, New Jersey
M. Goodman, Pennsylvania
M.G. (Anonymous), Pennsylvania
M.M. (Anonymous), New York
M. Benshir, Maryland
M. Katz, New York
M. Greenberg, New York
M.B. (Anonymous), New Jersey
M. Parsoff, Florida
M. Sacal, Florida
M.A. (Anonymous), New York
M. Kalaty, New York
M. Krakow, Georgia
M.S. (Anonymous), California
M.A. (Anonymous), Florida
M. Davis, New York
M.G. (Anonymous)
M. Jabbour, New York
M. Jacobi, New York
M. Moskowitz, New York
M. Wright, New York
M.S. (Anonymous), Maryland
M. Kravitz, Texas
M. Kelaty, New York
M.O. (Anonymous), Ontario
M. Rubin, New York
M. Krevat, New York
M. Cohen, Colorado
M. Bissu, Florida
M. Tussie, Florida
M. Hindy, New York
M. Rosenberg, New York
M. Enayatian, New York
M. Landsman
M. Rabin, Florida
N. Selavan
N. Levenbrown, New Jersey
N. Gorjian, New York
N. Perlowitz, New Jersey
N. Zar, New York
N. Berman, New York
N. Abramov, New York
N. Levy, New York
N.Z. (Anonymous), New York
N. Mishkin, Illinois
O. Bezalely, New York
O. Kashi, New York
O. Cohen, New York
O. Schwartz, California
O. Bromberg, Florida
P.M. (Anonymous), New York
P. Helinski, Florida
P. Nishimura
P.H. (Anonymous), Ontario
P. Kelaty, New York
P. Raksin, New York
P. Iskhakbayev, New York
P. Borenstein, New York
R. Berman, California
R. Kaganoff, New Jersey
R. Levine, New York
R. Ebrani, New York
R. Hekmati, New York
R.P. (Anonymous), Texas
R. Refoua, New York
R. Saltzman, New York
R. Card, New York
R. Malkin, New York
R. Greenberg, Maryland
R. Blachman, Florida
R.M. (Anonymous), New York
R. Resnick, New York
R. Kraus, New York
R. Guttmann, Florida
R. Antar, New York
R.I. (Anonymous), New Jersey
R. Zweihorn, New York
R. Ades, Florida
R. Yakobov, Ontario
R. Robenov, New York
R. Kaylyakov, New York
R. Schenkler
R. Liviem, New York
S. Saad
S. Glaser, California
S. Cousin, Ohio
S.F. (Anonymous), California
S.J. (Anonymous), New Jersey
S.M. (Anonymous), Ontario
S. Rosenfeld, New York
S. Feldman, New York
S. Sufir
S. Danoff, New York
S. Jensen, New York
S. Guralnik, Massachusetts
S. Munitz, New York
S. Golombeck, New York
S. Weisz, New Jersey
S.E. (Anonymous), New Jersey
S. Kaff, New York
S.G. (Anonymous), New York
S. Ressler, New York
S.R. (Anonymous), New York
S. Hendel
S. Herzfeld, District of Columbia
S.M. (Anonymous), Illinois
S. Fishman, California
S.L. (Anonymous), Tennessee
S. Michel, New York
S. Appleman, New York
S. Friedman, Ontario
S.K. (Anonymous), New York
S. Lipkin, Maryland
S. Kalish, Maryland
S. Horenstein, Massachusetts
S.D. (Anonymous), New York
S. Fagan, Illinois
S. Kordvani, New York
S. Sutton, New York
S.M. (Anonymous), California
S. Perrin, Oregon
S. Grossman, New York
S.R. (Anonymous), Texas
S.E. (Anonymous), New York
T. Winograd, CA
T. Makany, California
T. Kohanim, New York
T. Struhl, Florida
T. Barr, New York
T.C. (Anonymous), Illinois
U. Topolosky, Maryland
V. Mellon, California
V. Isakov, New York
W. Nathanson, Ontario
W. Roberts, New York
Y.S. (Anonymous), New York
Y.E. (Anonymous), New Jersey
Y. Kaylyakov, New York
Y. Yehuda, California
Y. Gold, New Jersey
Y. Idel, California
Y.M. (Anonymous), New York
Y. Mond, Maryland
Y. Meshchaninov, New York
Y. Pomerantz, New York
Y.E. (Anonymous), Massachusetts
Y. Frenkel, Georgia
Y. Kranz, New York
Y. Gurgov, New York
Y.T. (Anonymous), Michigan
Y.I. (Anonymous), Alberta
Y.S. (Anonymous), Kansas
Y. Levine, New York
Z.Z. (Anonymous), District of Columbia

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KosherSwitch® Classic Wall Switch
KosherSwitch® Classic Wall Switch

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HaGaon R Pinchas Zabihi Analyzing the KosherSwitch
HaGaon R Pinchas Zabihi Analyzing the KosherSwitch
Rabbi Aryeh Sokoloff Analyzing the KosherSwitch
Rabbi Aryeh Sokoloff Analyzing the KosherSwitch
HaGaon Rabbi Yehoshua Neuwirth (Shemiras Shabbos Kehilchasa) Analyzing the KosherSwitch prototype
HaGaon Rabbi Yehoshua Neuwirth (Shemiras Shabbos Kehilchasa) Analyzing the KosherSwitch prototype
HaGaon Rabbi Avigdor Nebenzahl Analyzing the KosherSwitch prototype
HaGaon Rabbi Avigdor Nebenzahl Analyzing the KosherSwitch prototype

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