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As is the case in many newer “smart” switches, an available A/C neutral wire (also known as AC neutral or simply as “neutral”) is required in some of our switches.  Model# KSC-US-1201 “KosherSwitch® Classic (Neutral Required)” does require an AC neutral wire present in the wallbox/switch box where the switch is installed.  The ideal way to determine if a neutral wire is present in the target wallbox is to consult with an electrician.


A workaround is sometimes used for devices like the KosherSwitch® that require a neutral wire when such a wire is not present in the wallbox:  The switch’s white neutral wire is attached directly to ground (either the metal electrical box, the metal pipe/conduit, or a bare copper wire in the wallbox). While this may allow the device to function without an actual neutral wire present, such workarounds should not be employed.  Installation should always be performed as per the wiring instructions and in accordance with appropriate local/national electrical codes and regulations.


A general guideline to determine the likelihood of an available neutral wire:


  • Neutral wires are usually two or more white wires attached together using a wire nut.
  • If your home was built after 1980, there’s a good chance that neutral wires are present in the wallboxes.
  • If your home has been constructed/renovated in the last 5 years, neutral wires are most likely present in every wallbox, since most electrical codes require such wiring.
  • If the wallbox currently contains an installed “smart” switch or a timer that doesn’t require batteries to operate, there’s a good chance that neutral wires are present in the wallbox.
  • If there’s an outlet (wall receptacle) near the wall switch location, there’s a good chance that neutral wires are present in the wallbox.
  • Switches that are ganged together (multiple switches right next to one another) usually have neutral present in the wallbox.



See also the related FAQs:


Are installation/troubleshooting guides available online?

Yes.  Installation guide/video here.  Troubleshooting assistance here.


Is three-way switching supported?

Currently, three-way switching (3-way or master/slave switching) is not supported in our models.



The switch is not working, I have a problem, etc.

If the switch has never been installed properly, please see here.  If you’re experiencing problems after the switch has been installed, please see here.


Is the KosherSwitch® Classic UL certified?

Yes.  Our production units are UL® Listed / UL Certified with a cULus safety certification covering the USA and Canadian standards.  See here for details.


Are your products for 120V or 220V? Are they available for use in the United States/Canada? In Israel and Europe?

Our flagship products are for the 120V Americas market.  Israeli and European (220V) products will launch in the future.

How easy is it to install a KosherSwitch® ? How do you program/configure it?

The KosherSwitch® Classic is easy to install, and there’s nothing to program or configure.  There are several wires protruding out of the switch.  Simply attach those wires to the wires that are currently in the wall (some models require an available A/C neutral wire) using the included “wire nuts”.  See here for the installation guide and video.

Do we need to change our wiring, anything inside the wall, or our wallplate?

The KosherSwitch® Classic does not require changing any wiring, since it attaches to the existing in-wall wires. (Note that some versions of our switch require an A/C neutral wire in the wallbox.)  It is designed to fit most electrical/junction boxes and wall cutouts.  It fits perfectly within standard decorative wallplates such as the Leviton® Decora® style plates, which are the type of wallplates found in many homes and institutions.  For those locations were the traditional “toogle switch” wallplates are used, only the wallplate would need to be replaced (these are widely available in various configurations and are inexpensive). Note: Wallplates are not included with our products.

As I used the switch, the Status Light changed from green to red!

In our usage section,  we explain that one should use the KosherSwitch® on Shabbat and Yom Tov only when the Status Light is green, but not when it’s red.  In reality, the device continues to be dormant for the entire duration of the Status Light’s green and red cycle.  Only at the very end of the red cycle does the device become active.  So flicking the on/off button as the Status Light is changing from green to red is of no consequence.

We are manufacturers/product developers. Is there a way to integrate your technology into our product mix?

Certainly, depending on the types of solutions you require.  Please visit our licensing section and contact us so that we can evaluate a feasible arrangement.


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KosherSwitch® Classic Wall Switch
KosherSwitch® Classic Wall Switch

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HaGaon Rabbi Chaim Tzvi Shapiro
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Rabbi Yosef Mizrachi Analyzing the KosherSwitch
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HaGaon Rabbi Avigdor Nebenzahl Analyzing the KosherSwitch prototype
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HaGaon Rabbi Yehoshua Neuwirth (Shemiras Shabbos Kehilchasa) Analyzing the KosherSwitch prototype

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