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The following highlights the key benefits and value that innovative KosherSwitch® technology brings to consumers (retail and as institutional/commercial end-users).  For additional compelling value and benefits, see the other benefits pages.



Brings merit to the masses anywhere KosherSwitch® is installed (Zikuei Harabim)

  • Makes it impossible to transgress the laws of Shabbat and holidays through the use of electricity — either accidentally or intentionally!  KosherSwitch® helps prevent countless instances of Chilul Shabbos.  Once installed for a specific audience or purpose, it prevents Halachic transgression for all.
  • Eliminates a chief obstacle to Shabbat observance and makes Shabbat more attainable and appealing.  KosherSwitch® helps the masses embrace and learn of the true beauty of Shabbat.
  • In many instances, requests made to a Shabbos Goy are made in direct violation of Halachic guidelines.  KosherSwitch® technology eliminates the need for this leniency, which often misused.
  • Bridges the gap across the religiosity spectrum, and brings harmony between Shabbat observant and non-observant family and friends.
  • Sensor-based technology is becoming ubiquitous and causing enormous difficulties to the Jewish user.  Automated doors, lights, sinks, toilets, soap dispensers… the list continues to grow.  As KosherSwitch® gains acceptance, our technology will help alleviate these Shabbat hurdles, under rabbinic guidance.


Significantly enhances the enjoyment of Shabbat and holidays (Oneg Shabbat)

  • Control electricity on-demand, easily, and in a way that is permissible by Halacha.
  • Unlike timers, no need to anticipate or predict the usage schedules in advance, and does not require cumbersome timer programming. For example, keeping dining room lights on until the guests leave instead of unexpected darkness in the middle of dinner.
  • Solves issues associated with timer programming during extended two-day and three-day holidays, when pre-programming complicated timer schedules is nearly impossible.
  • Addresses domestic tranquility (Shalom Bais) issues arising from electrical devices (i.e., unintentionally turning off a wall switch and the inability to switch it back on, unplanned timer triggering, misconfigured timer, etc.)  The requirement to kindle Shabbat candles comes from the sages’ desire to bring peace in the family establishing a well-light home.  Since light fixtures have taken the place of candles, difficulties with lighting are often a source of unnecessary tension.
  • Enhanced safety: Instead of leaving devices such as lights and hotplates on and unattended for extended periods of time (sometimes for up to three days straight), KosherSwitch®-enabled devices could be turned off and thus provide better fire safety.
  • Many energy- and environmentally-conscious families do not leave any lights on in certain rooms or use night-lights instead of real lights. This is a major diminution of the enjoyment and respect for Shabbat and holidays.
  • Unique benefits during the holiday of Succos, allowing lights to easily be transitioned from being on when needed, and off when sleeping in the succah.
  • In some settings when Jewish law requires kindling of candles, it is preferable that a room first be dark, which is virtually impossible to anticipate and program using traditional timers.  KosherSwitch® addresses this issue.


 Addresses immense waste that exists in current “solutions”

  • Permits observance of ritual law without wastefulness.  Save the money needlessly wasted on electricity consumption in empty/unused rooms serviced by timers, KosherLamps™, or fixtures left on throughout the entire Shabbat or holidays.  The KosherSwitch® pays for itself in under a year.  The amount of energy wasted worldwide by users leaving on electrical devices in homes and institutions during the Sabbath and holidays would be calculated in the order of hundreds of millions of dollars annually!  The same applies for timer usage since large “time buffers” must be programmed to avoid unintended early triggering.
  • Allows being environmentally conscious and “green” while still maintaining Jewish rituals and values.  Energy and environmental conservation is a global phenomenon, and KosherSwitch® facilitates such a cause through innovative use of technology.
  • Prevents transgressing the prohibition of wastefulness (Bal Tashchis).  The Talmud states that “those who burn more fuel than necessary violate the law of Bal Tashchis” (Shabbos 67b).  Some rabbis have ruled that, with the advent of the KosherSwitch®, one would be obligated to use such solutions so that this law is not transgressed.


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KosherSwitch® Classic Wall Switch
KosherSwitch® Classic Wall Switch

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HaGaon Rabbi Avigdor Nebenzahl Analyzing the KosherSwitch prototype
HaGaon Rabbi Avigdor Nebenzahl Analyzing the KosherSwitch prototype
HaGaon Rabbi Peretz Steinberg Analyzing the KosherSwitch
HaGaon Rabbi Peretz Steinberg Analyzing the KosherSwitch
HaGaon Rabbi Dzimitrovski Analyzing the KosherSwitch prototype
HaGaon Rabbi Dzimitrovski Analyzing the KosherSwitch prototype
Rabbi Mordechai Hecht Analyzing the KosherSwitch
Rabbi Mordechai Hecht Analyzing the KosherSwitch

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