How to Use?

The KosherSwitch® Classic is extremely easy to use, with nothing to configure or program and only one simple thing to learn: Just Wait For the Green and Flick the KosherSwitch®.  The reason is intuitive — when the Status Light is green, we’re assured that the relevant components within the switch are inactive.  One’s action is simply the movement of an isolated piece of plastic with no Halachic implications (this concept is presented at greater length in the Halacha section). The KosherSwitch® Classic operates in two distinct modes:  In Normal Mode, it effectively behaves like a traditional wall switch, turning the attached fixture on/off instantly.  In Sabbath Mode, the device must go through one or more random cycles, each with a possibility that it will fail to function as intended.


Mode Selection:

  • Prior to Shabbat/Yom Tov… (note that the Mode Selection switch is a regular electrical switch and should only be used when use of regular electrical devices is permissible!)
  • Open the Mode Selection door by inserting your fingertip or nail into the door’s cutout  and gently pulling downward.
  • Slide the Mode Selection switch to the right, into the position labeled Sabbath.
  • The Status Light will immediately change from being off to a solid green light.  It will constantly cycle between green and red.
  • Close the Mode Selection door by gently pushing on its front until it snaps back into the closed position.
  • After the conclusion of Shabbat/Yom Tov, repeat the above, sliding the Mode Selection switch to the left, into the position labeled Normal.  The Status Light will immediately turn off and remain off while in Normal Mode.

KosherSwitch® ClassicSabbath Mode Usage:

  • It’s easy to determine if the KosherSwitch® is in Sabbath Mode, even when the Mode Selection door is closed.  In this mode, the Status Light will always be illuminated either green or red.
  • Wait for a green Status Light.
  • Slide the isolated plastic on/off button up to turn the attached fixture on, or down to turn it off.  (The resistance and “click” you feel is purely mechanical, since this button is hovering in space, and is not attached to anything electrical.)
  • The fixture will not turn on/off immediately, but there’s no need to use the on/off button again.
  • You will notice that the Status Light may cycle between red and green several times before KosherSwitch® will succeed in turning the attached fixture on/off.

Normal Mode Usage:

  • In Normal Mode, the Status Light will always be off.
  • Slide the plastic on/off button up to turn the attached fixture on, or down to turn it off.
  • The fixture will turn on immediately.


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More common questions answered in the FAQs


Is KosherSwitch now available for purchase? Can I now buy a KosherSwitch? Have you launched?

Yes we’ve launched!  KosherSwitch® is now available online (BUY NOW) and at select retailers, resellers, and installers!


Is KosherSwitch® technology similar to the Zman Switch? (ZmanSwitch)?

No, KosherSwitch® is quite different!  The product marketed as “Zman Switch“ is simply a timer/Shabbos clock that is pre-programmed with Halachic times/zmanim for Shabbat and holidays.   Unlike the KosherSwitch®, it cannot be used for on-demand control of electricity on Shabbat/holidays — when and where it’s needed.  Like a traditional timer, it must be pre-configured with on/off times based on an anticipated and predetermined schedule that cannot be changed during Shabbat or holidays.  KosherSwitch® also yields significant energy savings, which the ZmanSwitch does not.  For more details on the advantages that KosherSwitch® yields, please see here and here.


Is the KosherSwitch® Classic UL certified?

Yes.  Our production units are UL® Listed / UL Certified with a cULus safety certification covering the USA and Canadian standards.  See here for details.


How easy is it to install a KosherSwitch® ? How do you program/configure it?

The KosherSwitch® Classic is easy to install, and there’s nothing to program or configure.  There are several wires protruding out of the switch.  Simply attach those wires to the wires that are currently in the wall (some models require an available A/C neutral wire) using the included “wire nuts”.  See here for the installation guide and video.

How long does it take for the fixture attached to a KosherSwitch® Classic to turn on/off?

In Normal Mode, it’s instant.  In KosherSwitch® Sabbath Mode, there’s no way to predict how long it will take, since the device must go through one or more cycles, each with a possibility that it will fail to function as intended.  Typically, it will take “dozens of seconds” but sometimes, randomly,  it can take more than a minute or two.

Do we need to change our wiring, anything inside the wall, or our wallplate?

The KosherSwitch® Classic does not require changing any wiring, since it attaches to the existing in-wall wires. (Note that some versions of our switch require an A/C neutral wire in the wallbox.)  It is designed to fit most electrical/junction boxes and wall cutouts.  It fits perfectly within standard decorative wallplates such as the Leviton® Decora® style plates, which are the type of wallplates found in many homes and institutions.  For those locations were the traditional “toogle switch” wallplates are used, only the wallplate would need to be replaced (these are widely available in various configurations and are inexpensive). Note: Wallplates are not included with our products.

Isn’t KosherSwitch® technology similar to timers/Shabbos clocks/motion sensors?

Not at all.  Use of motion sensors are forbidden, since they’re akin to directly triggering an electrical switch, and timers do nothing to prevent Shabbat desecration (“Chilul Shabbos”).  Timers/Shabbos clocks have many issues and limitations.  They require knowing your schedule ahead of time, which is often impossible to do, especially when Shabbat is following a two-day holiday.  Timers require programming, which invariably leads to errors that cause things to go on/off at undesired times.  Also, because of the required programming “buffer” before and after your anticipated usage times, they are very wasteful.  A KosherSwitch® addresses all of these limitations, and many more, allowing you to control your electricity when and where needed, in a way that’s permitted.

Since the KosherSwitch® Classic is a “smart device” isn’t it constantly wasting electricity?

No.  The KosherSwitch® Classic draws less than 1.5W of electricity while it is installed.  That’s about a quarter of the consumption of  most nightlights.  By using a KosherSwitch® Classic, you will actually  be reducing your overall electricity consumption in a significant manner.

Does the The KosherSwitch® Classic require anything else installed, like a computer or a base unit?

No.  The KosherSwitch® Classic is a self-contained unit that does not require any external devices such as base units, computers, timers, etc.  When we mention the device’s “computer” or a “micro-controller”, we’re actually referring to a tiny computer that’s included inside the switch’s enclosure.

You claim that KosherSwitch® “pays for itself” in under a year. How is that possible?

The alternatives to KosherSwitch® are all relatively wasteful:  1) Leaving the fixture on for the entire duration of Shabbat and/or Jewish holiday.  Obviously, this is extremely wasteful, since much of the time that the fixture is turned on, it’s not in use (such as overnight).  2) Timers and Shabbos clocks: Since they need to be pre-programmed with the anticipated schedule required, they will always include wasteful “buffer” time before and after the actual use.  So while you’re sleeping in the bedroom, the dining room lights are still illuminating an empty room.  (If an air conditioner is active in that room, it will be double the waste, since the unit will continue to work hard cooling a room that’s vacant!)  KosherSwitch® eliminates this waste by allowing the on-demand control of electricity in a manner that’s permitted.  So electrical devices go off soon after they’re no longer needed.  See the Energy Savings section for further information, including a sample calculation of the electricity savings possible.

Is KosherSwitch® technology similar to the KosherLamp™ (Kosher Lamp)?

Not at all.  A KosherLamp™ is simply a light bulb that’s constantly on and situated inside of a cylinder with an aperture that acts as a variable shade.  Since it’s fully enclosed, the lamp must be of very low intensity in order avoid the risk of fire, so its uses are very limited (and it’s marketed as a reading light). In direct contrast with KosherSwitch®, it can’t control any other light fixture and is wasteful since the bulb remains on for the entire duration of Shabbat and Jewish holidays.

Is KosherSwitch® technology similar to the Shabbos Smart Switch? (ShabbosSmartSwitch)?

Not at all.  The product marketed as “Shabbos Smart Switch” is simply a timer/Shabbos clock that installs over an existing toggle light switch.  It must be programmed before Shabbat, and cannot be used to prevent Chilul Shabbos or to interactively control electricity on Shabbat/holidays.

Since the on/off button is mechanical and not attached to anything electrical, won’t it break easily? Since the Status Light indicator is constantly in use, won’t it burn out? Won’t the door break off?

No.  Our switch is designed to ensure tens of thousands of actuations.  The Status Light is rated for millions of operations.  Nevertheless, our products are backed by our support and a warranty.

Can the KosherSwitch® Classic coexist with other types of switches in the same electrical box/wall plate?

Yes.  If you need to mix a KosherSwitch® with the more traditional toggle switches, multi-gang wall plates will allow you to mix and match devices in most configurations.


Is KosherSwitch® considered to be the KosherLamp™ (Kosher Lamp) killer?

No, we believe that they complement each other.  While KosherSwitch® is superior to the KosherLamp™ because of its many benefits, the KosherLamp™ has certain advantages in the specific area that it’s marketed: a reading light.  Its variable shade offers “dimming” capabilities that we don’t plan to include in the KosherSwitch® Classic.  Additionally, since it’s always on, there’s no delay when turning the lights on or off.  We think that the KosherLamp™ is a great product within its limited context, and believe that our products will co-exist with it.




Available Now!

KosherSwitch® Classic Wall Switch
KosherSwitch® Classic Wall Switch

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HaGaon Rabbi Peretz Steinberg Analyzing the KosherSwitch
HaGaon Rabbi Peretz Steinberg Analyzing the KosherSwitch
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HaGaon Rabbi Chaim Tzvi Shapiro
HaGaon Rabbi Yehoshua Neuwirth (Shemiras Shabbos Kehilchasa) Analyzing the KosherSwitch prototype
HaGaon Rabbi Yehoshua Neuwirth (Shemiras Shabbos Kehilchasa) Analyzing the KosherSwitch prototype
HaGaon Rabbi Yitzhak Israeli Analyzing the KosherSwitch
HaGaon Rabbi Yitzhak Israeli Analyzing the KosherSwitch

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